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This strategy would provide white settlers with the most productive lands and relocate Indians to areas north and south of white settlements.

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Only the males from the tribe were entrusted with governance responsibilities, and the men also provided food, shelter, and safety, while the women assumed domestic roles. Men and women rarely married outside their tribe, and it was unusual for two tribes to work in cooperation.

Young male tribe members were warriors who competed with warriors from other tribes for superiority, often in bloody battles.

The desire to attain tribal lands often led people in power to ignore treaties and look the other way as Indians were unlawfully and unfairly removed from their locations.

In 1851, the United States government began to introduce a Concentration Policy.

European immigrants are credited for “civilizing” the United States, but prior to their arrival America had long been inhabited by tribes of indigenous people.

In the fifteenth century, when Christopher Columbus landed in what he presumed was the Indies, he began calling these inhabitants “Indians,” a label that would last centuries until the modern term “Native Americans” came into use.

Indians were divided into tribes, or small societies.

A chief served as the religious, moral, and political leader of each tribe.

However, by the mid-nineteenth century, the BIA had shifted its focus to overseeing Indian concentration and relocation.

It aimed to provide reasonable protection to the Indians—however, their lands were still fair game.


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