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This competence requires ongoing education and development.

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, Interviews with 33 LTC nursing leaders who described the process of delegation, the effect of delegation on quality, and the relationship of delegation to RN control of practice in nursing homes, identified two approaches used in assigning care tasks.

The first was to follow the job description assigning care to nursing assistants (NA) based on prescribed duties.

Some of the tasks typically delegated, for example turning, ambulating, providing personal care, and/or glucose checking, are directly associated with nurse-sensitive outcomes, such as preventing complications and maintaining physiologic balance.

The right communication transmitted via timely and clear messages makes communication meaningful.

Growing sophistication in our ability to measure nurse-sensitive outcomes creates an imperative to assess the contributions of all who contribute to care under the direction of the RN.

The initial articles in this topic offer a variety of resources to help nurses develop and maintain their delegation skills.

Delegation remains an underdeveloped skill among nurses, and one that is difficult to measure.

It relies on personality, communication style, and cooperation.

The six initial articles in this topic address a variety of considerations that are important in successful delegation.

These considerations include traditional and emerging thought about the common skills necessary for delegation and the unique challenges across practice settings. First is the importance of understanding the legal authority to delegate to other qualified individuals.


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