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You’ll want to be remembered for what you gave back rather than the wealth you’ve accumulated.And you’ll relish knowing that you found your purpose in life and did your part in making the world a better place.Everyone is looking for happiness but only very few people actually know what makes them happy in life.

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In addition, future is unseen; you cannot be certain about the circumstances that are likely to occur in the future.

Thus, you shouldn’t make big plans about the future.

The long speeches on happiness that we have shared are good for using at corporate levels or wisdom centres. I am the motivational speaker and I am often called at schools and colleges to deliver speeches that can inspire young and aspiring student like you.

You can draw references from these happiness speeches and prepare your own speech to leave an impact on your audience. I am very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and if I ask you, what is more important for you ‘happiness’ or ‘success’; you would probably take seconds to choose ‘success’ as more important element of your life, which is good in a way.

One day you’re going to chuckle at all the things that once seemed so important to you –– many of them will seem so trivial. You’ll ask yourself, “Am I a good person, rich in character, or am I driven merely by a quest for status?

” You’ll care not only where life has taken you, but also about how you got there.

We are sharing some sample speech on happiness that would certainly help you to impress your audience.

Our short speech on happiness can be used at any occasion may it be a family gathering or an official reason.

But even though you’ve achieved success beyond your wildest dreams, have you found happiness?

Some people assume that achieving greater success or accumulating material wealth automatically leads to happiness, but nothing can be further from the truth.


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