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At some point, it was a matter of different regions, cultures, and particular laws that made it difficult for people to argue whether a certain thing was a crime or not.

At some point, it was a matter of different regions, cultures, and particular laws that made it difficult for people to argue whether a certain thing was a crime or not.In spite of this fact, this problem still exists-for example: if, in one country a particular thing can be a right, in another one it can be a crime-such as abortion.

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In addition, a web gag on social media was imposed by a magistrate who suppressed the information that might compromise the trial.

Social media can also be used as a tool for victim-blaming, as occurred after the Kardashian robbery.

Social media is also changing the nature of post-crime behaviour.

So-called performance crimes – where offenders boast about their criminal behaviour to their friends and followers online – are increasingly common.

For example, people no longer consider taking money found in the street as a crime, simply because there is nobody there to claim it.

This example can be considered as petty crime, but there are other serious crimes out there that people should be more aware of, such as corporate or white-collar crimes.This has proven invaluable not only during times of crisis, but also on a day-to-day basis and at the local level.Social media has also become an important tool in police investigations.Can criminologists make equal justice between ‘crime’ and ‘social harm’?Throughout the years, the ‘problem of crime’ has been a long debated subject due to its complexity.Moreover, it can be said that ‘social harm’ integrates notions of emotional, cultural, financial/economic and physical harms, and this means that social harms are rated on a greater scale than ‘crime’, in comparison to what criminal law allows.Crime nowadays can be seen as a regular thing, depending on how society looks at it.Finally, “couch detectives”, eager to identify suspects, often weigh in on social media, which can at best be distracting for law enforcement and at worst result in innocent people being wrongly accused.In a recent ABC documentary, the detectives who worked on the Meagher case said they: Trial by social media has become increasingly concerning for those working in the criminal justice system.In relation to this topic, this essay is going to focus on two important concepts - that of ‘crime’ and that of ‘social harm’, including general definitions, the context in which they can be A concept of social harm enables criminology to move beyond legal definitions of ‘crime’ and acknowledge a wide range of immoral, wrongful and injurious acts that may or may not be deemed illegal, but are arguably more profoundly damaging.In doing so, a social harm perspective may require an abandonment of criminology (as it has been thus conceived)’.


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