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Japanese parents had thought that their children were save virtually anywhere.Very young children commonly walked to school or took public transport.

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HBC's assessment of Japanese schools would be incomplete without addressing the horendous incidents being reported at the county's vaunted schools.Children's fashion in part are utilitarian, but they also reflect the concept parents, usually mothers, had of childhood and this can be followed overtime by assessing developing trends in fashions.The modern concept of childhood is very different than the way children were viewed in the 18th century.It was in the Victorian age that modern concepts of childhood and family began to be formed.One HBC visitor asks, "What has happened to little boys' formal wear in recent years? " There were once significant differences between the clothes worn by boys in many different countries, especially the larger more populace countrirs.Children in the 19th century did not work in the modern sence of coming from an affluent family and being able to keep their income for dicretional spending on clothes, music, and fast food.The 19th century boys who worked geerally had to contibute their meager earnings for the family's basic needes.In boyswear, the informalization process is currently at the point where wearing a shirt with buttons is sufficiently dressy for all but the most solemn occasions.Some historic clothes seems rather strange to us today, such as boys wearing dress or velvet suits with elaborate lace frills.Of course Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer is almost certainly the best depiction of boyhood.It is Booth Tarkington's brief description of boyhood in his Penrod books that perhaps sums it up best.


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