Essay On The True Art Of Keyboard Playing

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says a great deal about not only issues of harmony, ornamentation, and improvisation, but also performance subtleties that he deems essential to proper expression.

The examples shown here illustrate when the ordinary note values should be either held back or shortened, depending on the musical context.

One of his pupils, Otto Vrieslander, took up the C.

According to my principles, every master has his true and certain value. Only the work itself praises and criticizes the master, and therefore I leave to everyone his own value.

Thorough bass : The triad (I) ; The triad (II) ; The chord of the sixth (I) ; The chord of the sixth (II) ; The diminished triad ; The augmented triad ; The six-four chord (I) ; The six-four chord (II) ; The four-three chord (I) ; The four-three chord (II) ; The six-five chord (I) ; The six-five chord (II) ; The chord of the second (I) ; The chord of the second (II) ; The five-two chord ; The five-four-two chord ; The three-two chord ; The chord of the seventh (I) ; The chord of the seventh (II) ; The seven-six chord ; The seven-four chord ; The chord of the major seventh (I) ; The chord of the major seventh (II) ; The chord of the ninth (I) ; The chord of the ninth (II) ; The nine-six chord ; The nine-four chord ; The nine-seven chord ; The five-four chord -- 6.

The incorporations are identified in the editor's notes. His music, unlike that of his father or that of the master he influenced, Haydn, did not define an era so much as reveal a deeply personal response to the musical conventions of his time. He graduated in 1734, but remained in that backwater town giving keyboard lessons, involving himself in public concerts, and learning the composer's craft. Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel was the most innovative and idiosyncratic member of an extremely talented musical family. Also an exceptional student in areas other than music, he enrolled at the University of Leipzig in 1731 to study law, then transferred to the University of Frankfurt an der Oder. In 1768 he was made director of sacred music in Hamburg and remained in that city for the rest of his life; for this reason he is sometimes referred to as the "Hamburg" Bach. Bach and his first wife Maria Barbara Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel was trained in music by his father and, at the age of 24, entered the service of Crown Prince Frederick (later King Frederick the Great) at the Court of Berlin, where he spent nearly thirty years.Here he was first exposed to Italian opera seria, and its dramatic style infiltrated his instrumental music.Little of this was heard at court, where Bach accompanied the flutist-king in one reactionary concerto after another by Quantz.One account of Bach's after-dinner improvisations described the sweaty, glazed-eyed musician as "possessed," an adjective that would be applied to equally intense and idiosyncratic musicians in the Romantic age.Many of his symphonies are as audacious as his keyboard pieces.He composed prolifically in many genres, and much of his work awaits public rediscovery.Bach also produced an important account of performance practice in the second half of the eighteenth century, translated into English as Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments.


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