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He is the character who realises some of the problems that black people suffer in Ndotsheni and he tries to help them out as much as he can.He inspires Kumalo that things can be better in this town and his significance in the story is very important.

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He is like the rope that connects Jarvis and Kumalo.

He tells Jarvis the situations that Kumalo faces and in the end Jarvis helps Kumalo.

Msimangu shows he is trustworthy and helps out people like Kumalo who are new to Johannesburg.

All in all, Msimangu is a great character who is polite, trustworthy, respectful and facilitates others. Pretend there was Book 4, what would you expect to read in it?

In Book 4 I would probably expect to hear about Absalom's son and hear about how good the farms of Ndotsheni have turned out to be. I would absolutely love to see James and Kumalo to be great friends, but there is always going to be a gap between them because of Absalom's actions.

I would also like to hear from Gertrude and hopefully she comes back to live with Kumalo's family. It would just be great to read another book where things just become better and better.

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