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We are conditioned in what to think and not how to think, through ways such as apparent conditioning.

This suggests the need for the development of high order thinking skills via educational, personal, and sociological education.

It is a response to the aim of making critical thinking more efficient and training the mind to better recognize the memetic viruses proposed by Richard Dawkins in his book, .

Diego Fontanive, who through the End of Fear Project, proposed a way to break down ideas, analyze them, and determine how accurate the elements of our thinking patterns are.

We might not be looking at it correctly, possibly because of how we have been conditioned.

To be clear, this suggests confusion, not necessarily being a judgement of morals, which would be an invalid idea from a faulty framework of thinking.Abstract: This is an attempt to apply a metamemetic approach to ideas.This paper attempts to approaches ideas about evil, utilizing a stable approach that works simultaneously in the personal memeplexes and in external memeplexes.These patterns help all students reach higher levels of critical and creative thinking-essential components of 21st Century education.Thinking Maps establish a consistent language for learning. We could trace the thoughts from assuming that religious freedom is good to knowing about its indoctrination.If it is a concept that we observe, maybe we can write thoughts and follow them with arrows that show us how they may be linked (or connected).Thinking Maps are a specific set of thought organizers used in K-12 classroom settings, or "visual teaching tools that foster and encourage life-long learning," as well as tools that provide students with the skills to be "successful thinkers, problem solvers, [and] decision makers" (Thinking Maps Inc., Pamphlet).By visualizing our thinking, we create concrete images of abstract thoughts.For this paper, it is not because of this author’s lack of precise research regarding the variety of theoretical approaches and their critique and elaboration that they are not applied.Since they are supported theories, they may counteract with our thinking patterns in certain ways, in which case they would be sufficient to analyze and challenge our framework of thinking.


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