Essayists Of The Victorian Age

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One particular essay titled, “On the Artificial Comedy of the Last Century” helped to revive interest in Restoration comedy.

The first Elia essays were published separately in 1823; a second series appeared, as The Last Essays of Elia, in 1833.

The explosion of industry, the expansion of trade and colonization around the world, and the beginnings of modern science and technology made England into THE superpower on the globe.

England was by this time, consummately, Great Britain, and the sun never set on the Yukon Jack. During this time there came a growing suspicion and criticism within England of its role as superpower, or Empire.

His first literary attempts were of writing poetry, which he contributed to collections by Coleridge (1796) and by Charles Lloyd (1798).

His best known poem was “ His greatest literary achievements were his remarkable letters and the essays that he wrote under the pseudonym Elia for London Magazine.The style of writing is highly personal and mannered, and Lamb intended for it to “create” and delineate the persona of Elia.His essays were whimsical and often nostalgia about his childhood experiences, but beneath their whimsical surface, they are as an expression of the Romantic movement.The result in England were a series of Reform Bills in the 1830s – 40s that revolutionized the principles behind a working nation.For instance, it gave more political power to workers, unions, voting, etc.Learn how to copy a Lib Guide here (Lib Apps sign-in required).Or watch our brief introductory and how-to videos: Video: Introduction to Credo's Lib Guides content Video: How to copy a guide When clicking on the links, your Credo account is accessed by IP authentication or through your institution's proxy server.For help with access issues, contact [email protected] Lib Guides work best for institutions with a Credo Academic Core or Complete Core subscription.Student Core, Public Core, and Academic Core 100 or 250 subscribers will always have access to the links marked "Topic Page." If you have a Academic Core 100 or 250 subscription, and wish to access links that do not say "Topic Page," or books on the "Books" page, your administrator will need to select the book as "live" in your Credo subscription. Essentials Collections are subscription collections curated to include the "best of the best" content in specific subject areas.There was also a growing skepticism and even loathing of Victorianism and its sense of pride, moralisms and enervating sense of culture (as you see in Matthew Arnold’s prose, and Oscar Wilde’s wit and satire aimed at Victorian prudery and moralistic attitude).During this period, some of the greatest and, for many, most shocking discoveries and advances in natural science were being made, particularly Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and the confirmation by geologists that the earth was far far far far far far far more older than 5,000 years. The effects of advances in natural science on culture, religion and society cannot be overstated.


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