Essays On Crime And Punishment

Essays On Crime And Punishment-12
One of the measures is installing surveillance cameras on every major street.This will help the police to monitor unusual activities and plan a prompt response to any negative incidents.

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As such, it is irrational to assume that crime can be contained.

However, the call to develop new strategies to prevent crime is gaining ground around the globe.

In addition, when people themselves care about decreasing heinous crimes in cities, it can be sort of a preventive action to harness well the situation in society by government as well.

To conclude, in order for a society to be a safe place to live in, all society members including the governments and people must take necessary measurements to keep it a crime-free place.

First, governments can introduce more police forces everywhere to monitor people s activities and stop them from committing crimes.

Second, the state can apply new technologies such as surveillance cameras in the streets, shopping centers, restaurants and all public places to cease criminals .

Third, strict punishments on criminals can have really preventive and deterrent effects on all age groups in society , so by using harsh penalties like emprisonment,physical or financial punishments the rate of crimes can be decreased.

On the other hand, individuals in societies can be of great help to cut down on the number of crimes being committed.

In actual fact, crime derives from social anarchy and disequilibrium in the society.

Countries like Libiya and Somalia are classic examples for this, where the society is in complete disarray.


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