Essays On Hate Crimes Against Gays

Hate crimes motivated by bias against sexual orientation and gender identity are illegal under the 2009 Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. As more agencies have begun to participate in the FBI program, the percentage of agencies reporting that any hate crime incidents took place has declined.

live in states that don’t have hate crime laws covering sexual orientation and gender identity, according to the Movement Advancement Project, a nonprofit think tank.

Dee Dee Watters, a black trans activist and president of Black Trans Women Inc., had just left Booker’s wake when she heard about Lindsey’s death.“We were en route back to Houston, and we got word that there was a young lady that they fished out of the lake in Dallas,” Watters said, adding, “We weren't even able to complete the mourning of the loss of this young lady – then to get hit with another individual that was murdered."Naomi Green, a black trans woman and program coordinator at Abounding Prosperity Inc., an organization that supports Dallas's black LGBTQ community, said she’s now learning to shoot a gun and is organizing self-defense classes.“It’s very traumatizing,” Green said.

“You’re constantly feeling on edge and looking over your shoulder.” A photo of Muhlasyia Booker, a trans woman who was murdered in Dallas in June, sits on the office desk of Naomi Green, program coordinator at Abounding Prosperity, Dallas.

One would think that we would do a better job of collecting crime data.

And none of our crime data is worse than our hate crime data,” said Roy L.

Globally, violent crimes committed against groups of people based on their “difference” have been occurring since biblical times.

Perhaps the most egregious example to date has been the Holocaust, where six million Jews were killed by the Nazis and their collaborators.

“The resentment associated with hate crimes can be clearly seen in a sweeping new wave of violence the largest spree of racial violence in Germany since the early days of Nazism” (Levin and Mc Devitt 1993a:149).

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