Essays On The Causes Of The American Civil War

However, the most debated, relevant, and obvious causes would include: Conflicts of slavery, the election of President Abraham Lincoln, and the secession of southern states.The conflict of slavery has been the most debated cause of the entire conflict of the American Civil War.The years immediately after the war regarded it as a clash between those supporting freedom and those supporting slavery.

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His portrayal of Lincoln and the Republicans was equally positive, holding that the people of the North, as conservative of law and of right as the men of the South, drew back, at the first shock and surprise of secession, form coercion or violence, questioned anxiously what they should do, and hesitated as their government did. Both governments hoped to see the conflict tended by a mere show of force but were unwillingly drawn into actual war.

Wilson argued that the South had kept to the original intentions of the framers of the American government, and since the Southern States had freely entered into the Union, they felt they could freely withdraw.

The north and south had many contradicting perspectives on the way a lifestyle should be.

The north put forth an immense effort to push their beliefs of the immorality of slavery in order to get the forced servitude of human beings outlawed in all parts of the United States.

All the death and destruction was the South’s fault.

Essays On The Causes Of The American Civil War

This type of reasoning bred resentment on both sides, and didn’t help rebuild the U. In an attempt to make the causes of the war less good versus bad, and more logical and reasonable, the nationalist school of thought emerged.Even Abraham Lincoln, in his speeches before, during, and after the war, wavered in what he stated as the need for war.Regardless of the arguments, however, the true cause of the American Civil War was slavery, prominent in the South and generally opposed in the North.The cause of the Civil War at the time it was fought and in the decades following it was stated slavery as the moral cause.The North believed that slavery was wrong and the slaves should be set free.Then shortly after, the Confederacy believed it was unnecessary for the Union forts to be in Confederate territory.When the Union ignored this claim, the Confederacy attacked Fort Sumter. So, to put it briefly, it was mainly the disagreements between two different ways of life that created the conflicts that lead to the bloodiest war in America’s history.The election of Abraham Lincoln as President of the U. The south believed that, with Abraham Lincoln as president, they had no chance to gain the representation in the Senate and House that they believed they deserved.Due to Lincoln’s election, a month afterwards, South Carolina seceded the United States.It was established the secession was illegal, though the constitution gave no power to stop it.So, as a result, the south drafted its own constitution and formed the Confederacy.


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