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As Tom and the rest follow behind and reach Wilson’s station, they find Myrtle knocked and murdered by a hit-and-run driver who later on happened to be Daisy who was driving Gatsby’s car.Wilson decides to search for the person who hit his lover and is tipped by Tom that Gatsby possessed the car.Tom becomes confident that Daisy cannot leave him, a chap of unending privileges and affluence, over someone who has just discovered wealth.

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As group travel in separate vehicles with the men in Gatsby’s car and the ladies in Tom’s, the men’s car runs out of gas.

They stop over at a fuel station belonging to Tom’s mistress’ husband Wilson, who has also learned of his spouse’s affair with an unknown man.

In as much as the narrative was popular, it never made it to the bestseller list as the author was not well known.

Fitzgerald’s book has been used numerously as a literature education material.

Especially interesting is the question of whether the protagonist is even deserving of being called great or is the title ironical.

Samuels claims that despite the uselessness of his beginnings, Gatsby is great due to the intensity of his will (789).

Nick organizes the meet up at his place, and later the three move the party to Gatsby’s place.

Nick recalls the tale of one James Gatz who was an unsuccessful person and with the help of his mentor, altered his identity to Jay Gatsby, never to be recognized by his former name and history again.

He later finds out, through Jordan who is familiar with Daisy, that Gatsby is interested in Buchanan.

He had been hosting extravagant parties hoping that one day Daisy would show up.


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