Ethnographic Research Paper Examples

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Also, observe why they support one or two candidates and completely ignore the others from a particular political party.

These will have a lot to do with past economical, social and political treatment, which was given to a particular community of people.

You may take inspiration from the aforementioned examples.

The entire objective is to either take a very narrow subject as your project or use a very wide based one and have ample information to compare results with theoretical studies.Thus, the results will be a cacophony of languages, which the teacher will rarely understand, nor will the other children.However the message will be conveyed somehow through body language or gestures and commonly understood words.This quantitative study provides a useful theory, even though we don't know anything about the individual stories of the kids in the study.On the other hand, qualitative studies don't use numerical data.In school, children of different cultures begin to gradually understand that the realities at home are different from those at school.Thus, they will learn to blend with the common crowd, by behaving like every other student.For example, assume that a quantitative analysis is done on the high school graduation rate of students who can read at their grade level in 5th grade.The analysis shows that 5th grade reading level and high school graduation are highly correlated, meaning they move together closely - as reading levels increase, so do graduation rates.Instead, they use different methods to tell a detailed story about a theory or phenomenon by providing a thick, rich description that recreates an event, shares a story, or describes a culture or setting.An ethnographic study is one that comes from ethnographic research, a qualitative method where researchers completely immerse themselves in the lives, culture, or situation they are studying. For example, two famous ethnographic studies were completed only after one author lived as a member of a gang in Chicago for nine months.


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