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Extended Essay Supervision Sheet-47
The student fills out the front page and signs a declaration that the work they submit is their own. The required components are the supervisor’s name at the top, and the number of hours spent working with the student on the Extended Essay and a signature declaration that you have read the final copy and to the best of your knowledge the work is that of the candidate on the bottom.However, the center of the page is large a blank area for comments with the following directive: “If appropriate, please comment on the candidate’s performance, the context in which the candidate undertook the research for the extended essay, any difficulties encountered and how these were overcome.

The supervisor plays an important role in helping students to plan and undertake their research for the extended essay.

The relationship should be an active two-way process with the supervisor primarily there to support and guide the student, during the supervision and reflection sessions, at the planning stage, and when the student is carrying out and writing up their research.

For further clarification please see the accompanying teacher support material.

The letter, which must be electronically signed by the external mentor, must be inserted in the appendix of the essay as part of the document file rather than as a separate document.

However, if a student could not have completed the work without substantial support from their supervisor, this should be reported to the Diploma Programme/extended essay coordinator, who in turn must record the details on the appropriate form.

Additionally, if the student has received substantial support from a teacher but has not declared this, then this too must be recorded in the summative comment made by the supervisor on the Librarians are uniquely positioned to play an important and effective role in the extended essay process.These comments can help the examiner award a level for criterion H. Most of us spend between 3 and 5 hours on each student.Do not comment on any adverse personal circumstances that may have affected the candidate.” What should we write? This time involves reading, commenting, meeting with the student and discussing both the progress and the final result.Microsoft offers this to us for free, and it also includes collaborative sharing and editing of documents.The teachers whose students take November exams are currently in the process of collecting Extended Essays, reading them, conducting the Viva Voce (although it’s now optional a surprising number of teachers still do an exit interview) and then trying to determine how to fill out the report.If a supervisor suspects that the extended essay submitted for assessment by a student could not have been completed without assistance they are required to bring this to the attention of the Diploma Programme/extended essay coordinator, who in turn must inform the IB.This may then be investigated as a possible case of academic misconduct.However, in circumstances where the school deems it appropriate, students may undertake their research at an institute or university under the guidance of an external mentor.This must be with the agreement of the school, and the external mentor must be provided with a letter outlining the nature of the extended essay and clear instructions about the level of guidance that is permitted. There are 2 major final steps before you have determined the Predicted Grade.Well, keep in mind that as a student with the Toronto District School Board, you are offered a free subscription to Microsoft Office 365.


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