Fashion Dissertation

The highly valued profession of a fashion designer needs vast knowledge in different areas such as art, cultural heritage, history, aesthetic theories.

So, students are provided with a comprehensive understanding and foundation in all of these aspects under their belts.

In-depth investigations are useful to make appropriate comparisons among several appearances of dress that have gone out-of-date and those that have remained same.

Fashion is an interesting area of study, with a plenty of historical research to choose from.

It is necessary to know that contemporary fashions remain same throughout the ages.

Furthermore, some pieces like jacket, shoe, and hat have remained nearly unchanged in shape and pattern for a long time.

Graduate and post-graduate degree courses in Fashion are for those who enjoy using their imagination and talent to create smart clothes, footwear, hats and all kinds of other unique costumes.

In the degree courses, students learn how fashion is connected with style as well as fashion industry and journalism.

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