Fashion Institute Of Technology Essay

i have always had much knowledge about fashion, linguistics and art. photographing my garments and styles to compile a “magazine” to showcase my personal vision.

being a young woman with many aspirations for men’s clothing and the world, i would love to execute my talents and ideas into a reality through attending the fashion institute of technology.

Managing products is powerful considering that it is essential for me to have designer’s hard work and effort recognized.

The need to be in an environment where there are people who match my determination to have designers endeavor’s gain recognition is a deep desire of mine.

I used to believe that all anyone could ever do in college is study law, medical or work in an office or become a teacher.

but i was definitely convinced that there was no such thing as studying fashion, but finding out that there are many opportunities to study fashion, it intrigued me greatly.Not only are the well-dressed Italian people distracting me, but Victoria’s Secret’s Adriana Lima is catching my eye from a nearby billboard.Despite the intentions of my foreign exchange program to observe the enormous and beautifully constructed Duomo, I cannot ignore the fact that I am in the heart of a fashion capitol.I would enjoy taking a designer’s work from a concept to a reality by utilizing commercialization.I would create a positive atmosphere within my workplace to get the ideas flowing.I wrote my essay which is 400 words (750 words needed) which i’m working on but i just need some advice on my essay. i was able to teach myself spanish, italian, esperanto, and with much help from online and teachers, french and russian. growing up with a learning disability always made me feel secluded, but on top with many other things. ” you may be asking, well linguistically and creatively.I know this because my energy already affects the wait staff I work with in such a way that we all satisfy our customers and work together as a team.I often lead the staff by making sure all of our customers are being taken care.I always find myself absorbed in anything fashion related no matter where I am or what is going on around me.For this reason, I believe it is central for me to work with what fascinates me.


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