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Maybe you've set our book launch date and want to start contacting potential advance readers a few months prior.

If that's the case, you can front load all your review blogger research and then connect with them all at once at the desired time.

I also recommend including a column for you to record a bit of personal information you learned from visiting their website.

A spreadsheet will help you keep track of everyone who has responded and how long it's been since your last contact with them.

This kind of connecting is done by experienced authors and publishing houses alike. And as an author with any hopes of getting a meaningful number of Amazon reviews, you must.

If you are using a print index, copy out the complete citation.If it's the latter, search for a link back to the review blogger's personal blog.You want to visit their website so you can learn about them in order to make a personal connection later on. Prepare a Spreadsheet You're probably working on a timeline.Even better, you should look for reviewers that have other things in common with you. Or you both love a good Netflix binge on the weekend. A Google search for “book review bloggers” is good, but a search for “search by blogger” is even better.That's because what will benefit you the most is not to find a book review or blogger website–it's to find of book reviews or blogger websites.As an unknown author, getting Amazon reviews for your book is crucial to unlocking its full potential. You might think that downloads lead to Amazon reviews. You might not know if Amazon has restrictions on reviews. You might think reviews will eventually start rolling in with enough time and word of mouth. He had just released —self-published as an unknown author around the same time–different from the traditionally published works of these three powerhouses in the field of Christian apologetics? Okay, here’s the answer: assemble a street team with 300 advance readers for your book launch and expect about 100 Amazon reviews during launch week. They might mean the difference between getting a Book Bub or not.And they’re definitely part of the formula for tripping Amazon’s algorithm—the ultimate arbiter of the Amazon author have and have-nots!Sometimes instead of a list, you might find links to book review blogger websites on multiple pages. Find Their Personal Websites Sometimes a search will lead you to a single website with many book reviews.These can be turned into a list with web extraction tools like Import. If that's the case, find out if the reviews are by a handful of reviewers or many reviewers.Check the abbreviations section of the index to determine the full title of the periodical.You must look up the title of the periodical in the Library Catalogue to determine whether the Library subscribes to it.


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