Gangs Of New York Research Paper

Her brother was murdered in Bakersfield when he was 24.The NYPD has since moved Vaughn and her two children out of her old apartment and into a safe house while police continue to investigate whether her former co-workers have connections to the Bloods.She is angry that her complaints were initially ignored, and fearful for her family’s safety.

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Shawanna Vaughn thought she had landed her dream job in November, joining New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s $12.7 million plan to curtail the bloodshed produced by the city’s deadly mix of street beefs and guns.

The 36-year-old mother of two went to work as a violence interrupter for Harlem SNUG (that’s guns spelled backwards), part of a nationwide program called Cure Violence that treats urban crime as a contagious disease.

Vaughn, whose allegations have cast a shadow over the New York program, understands both sides of the law.

The daughter of a 20-year veteran of the Bakersfield Police Department, she said she served four years in a California prison for robbing a Bank of America branch.

“The City takes these allegations seriously,” Solon wrote in a statement.

Gangs Of New York Research Paper

“We do not want to lose sight of the important role that credible messengers and targeted programming can play in preventing violence, however it must be done in a manner that promotes safety.” Safety has been a recurring issue for Harlem SNUG’s parent organization, Cure Violence, which uses former gang members to mediate simmering street conflicts between warring teenagers and young adults who are beyond the influence of local police.

Hardiman sounds disenchanted with the organization’s approach. Cure Violence spokeswoman Kathy Buettner declined to comment on the problems in specific cities and defended the program’s continued mission of sending ex-offenders into rough neighborhoods to stem shootings.

“We are training and retraining all the time,” Buettner said.

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