Generosity Definition Essay

One day the Prophet Muhammad offered the prayer in the mosque and then hurriedly went to his house and returned immediately.

A companion asked why he left and he replied, “I left a piece of gold at home which was given for charity and I disliked letting it remain a night in my house, so I bought it to the mosque to distribute.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari) Our worldly possessions are bounties from God, who is Al Kareem, the Most Generous.

Generosity can be viewed as a wise investment in the future.

Generosity or sadaqa may pave the way to Paradise because with every generous act comes great reward from God.

Those are words of generosity that can only be extended if we first value ourselves, and then those around us. If you’re like me, you will be writing donation checks as the year comes to a close.

And there you have the answer, thankfulness first, then generosity. Giving comes in many forms – shared food, money, time, wisdom, experience and more. Often our thankfulness centers around what we’ve received – material items, family, friends, jobs, and on and on. When you sit to write those checks, start by being thankful for the individuals you have an opportunity to help. Remember to share the spirit of thankfulness with others in all the ways that you can. It was explained that before nightfall Abdullah had distributed the money amongst the needy.He then took the blanket, threw it over his shoulder and headed home, but by the time he arrived even the blanket was gone, he had given it to a needy person.Be thankful for the individuals who give of their time, their own money, and their wisdom to help. There is a profound reason that we each must reach out and touch others to feel truly generous. Be thankful for the nonprofit working every day to help and the staff that show up to get the job done. Anything given generously - freely to others - with the intention of pleasing God is sadaqa.Sadaqa can be as simple as a smile, helping an elderly person with their groceries or removing objects from the road or path.Abdullah ibn Omar was seen in the market buying fodder for his camel on credit.One of the men queried this knowing that Abdullah had received 4000 dirhams and a blanket the previous day.Muslims believe that everything originates from God and everything will return to Him, thus, it is logical to behave as if that which we possess is merely a loan, something we are obligated to preserve, protect and ultimately share.Whenever Prophet Muhammad met a miserly person, he advised him to be more generous and charitable.


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