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“Ball State started as a teachers college 100 years ago,” Rivera-Mills said, “and we have taught the next generation in innovative ways throughout our history. We believe we are well-positioned to educate the next generation of leaders and problem solvers. Casap’s presentation is a good fit for our Centennial Celebration.” Casap is also the author of “Our First Talk About Poverty,” which explains poverty to children.He serves on numerous boards for organizations focused on education and equity, and he teaches a high school communication class at the Phoenix Coding Academy, a computer science public school he helped launch.It’s not even clear to me that search in China is the product we need to do today.

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His honors include the Arizona State University Global Silicon Valley 2018 Innovator of Color and an honorary doctorate from Felician University. For after-hours calls, dial the number below and you will be directed to an on-call staff person.

Marketing and Communications West Quad (WQ), room 304Ball State University Muncie, Indiana 47306Hours: 8 a.m.

He’s getting some insight into how the world works, how commerce works.

Every generation is worried about the new technology, and feels like this time it’s different.

He was made chief executive in 2015, and joined the board of Alphabet, Google’s parent, last year. Friends, playing street cricket, reading books — that was kind of the totality of life. When I first joined Google I was struck by the fact that it was a very idealistic, optimistic place.

This interview, which was condensed and edited for clarity, was conducted in New York. There was a simplicity to my life, which was very nice compared with today’s world. I still see that idealism and optimism a lot in many things we do today. Maybe there’s more realism of how hard some things are. But there’s always been a strong streak of idealism in the company, and you still see it today.

We lived in a kind of modest house, shared with tenants. There was a drought when I was growing up, and we had anxiety. What’s your approach to technology and screen time with your family?

Even now, I can never sleep without a bottle of water beside my bed. When I come home on a Friday evening, I really do want to let go of my devices for a couple days. At home, our television is not easily accessible, so that there is “activation energy” before you can easily go watch TV.

Our parents worried about Elvis Presley’s influence on kids.

So, I’m always asking the question, “Why would it be any different this time? K., and then there are areas where it is hard as a society to draw the line. and Europe draw the line differently on this question in a very fundamental way.


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