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Laurie Strode first appears in the original Halloween (1978). As Laurie babysits Tommy, Myers kills Annie and Lynda in the house across the street.The 17-year-old Laurie (Curtis) is a high school student that has plans to babysit Tommy Doyle (Brian Andrews) on Halloween night, 1978. Growing concerned when they fail to call her, Laurie goes to investigate and sees their corpses laid out for her to find, before being attacked by Myers.Make observations and/or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.

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Barely escaping, Laurie races back to the Doyle house. An unsurprised Loomis stares off into the night, while Laurie begins sobbing in terror.

Halloween II (1981) picks up directly after the first film, with Laurie Strode being taken to a hospital.

Her attire is based on the outfit she wore during the final scenes of the original Halloween (1978), while her facial features are based on her comic book incarnation.

In academic materials, Strode is widely cited as one of the earliest and most influential examples of the "final girl" slasher film archetype.

Here is a simple Halloween science activity for teachers who are looking for something a little Halloween-y but don’t want to stray too far from the curriculum.

It is designed for third grade Forces and Interaction standard: 3-PS2-2.A new version of Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) appears in the Rob Zombie remake (2007).Hall), their mother (Sheri Moon Zombie) is unable to cope and commits suicide.The infant Laurie is discovered by Sheriff Brackett (Brad Dourif), who omits her from the records for her own protection, and she is eventually adopted by the Strode family.However, since she was only an infant, she does not understand and stabs him with his own knife.One of the two main protagonists of the overall series (the other being Dr.Sam Loomis), she appears in seven of the eleven Halloween films, first appearing in John Carpenter's original 1978 film.The first dream she has is of when she was a little girl, with her adoptive mother saying with a tone of annoyance "I'm not your real mother! Waking up, she begins to roam the hallways of the hospital until coming face to face with Myers, who has been killing his way through the hospital staff in search of her. The traumatized Laurie is last seen being transferred to another hospital.A photograph of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie appears in a scene where Jamie remembers her mother.Curtis reprised her role as Laurie Strode in Halloween (2018).Trapping him inside the basement safe room, Laurie, Karen and Allyson set the house ablaze, and the trio escapes in the back of a passing pickup truck.


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