High School Art Assignments

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I feel passionate about helping students find their way into art; I wholeheartedly believe that art is for everyone.

Inside, Outside, Online: Dissecting social media, escape and identity Stacey Abramson relates the experience of art-making to that of constructing an identity online—both are a means of self-presentation and escape.

Investigation: Where Art Meets Science In an investigation with her 9th grade applied science class, Tricia Fitzpatrick’s students learn what makes Mars red, and create rust artworks through experimentation.

Assessment as Dialogue: Shifting Power Dynamics in the Classroom Todd Elkin’s experimental curriculum, “Assessment as Dialogue,” upends the traditional power dynamics in a classroom and asks students and teachers to collaborate on the most effective methods of learning.

Scenius, Inspiration, and Invention Todd Elkin reflects on the ways in which his classroom embodies the concept of “scenius,” in which creative inventions emerge from social contexts, as the students working near each other riff off one another’s strategies and ideas.


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