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At the same time, the government had harassed and restricted the Catholic Church.

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Translation: Woman, An Exhibition of Women's Life and influence on family, home and work Berlin, 1933, 18 March - 23 April at The Funkturm (Berlin's "Eiffel Tower" built in 1924) Weimar Germany had a population that was about 65% Protestant, 34% Catholic, and 1% Jewish.

After German unification in 1871, the government had strongly favored the two major Protestant Churches, Lutheran and Reformed, which thought of themselves as state-sponsored churches.

Members of the middle class guarded their status and considered themselves to be superior to factory workers.

The cooperation between middle and working class citizens, which had broken the aristocracy’s monopoly of power in England, had not developed in Germany.

The constitution mandated considerable gender equality, but tradition and the civil and criminal codes were still strongly patriarchal and contributed to perpetuating inequality.

Marriage and divorce laws and questions of morality and sexuality were all areas of ferment and debate.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.Barred from most University positions by social prejudices, many of the most talented Jews conducted their research and published their results through private research institutes.Strong antisemitism was in evidence among many judges, army officers, conservative and radical right–wing politicians, Protestant and Catholic clergy and teachers.Use the following documents to explore the topic of antisemitism in the Weimar Republic.(August 1929) Title: "The Way Out" Caption: "Nothing the November Republic promised them has been fulfilled." Der Stürmer was published by the Nuremberg Nazi leader Julius Streicher.was published by the Nuremberg Nazi leader Julius Streicher.A poster advertising an exhibition on the role of women in German society that was being held as the Nazis put an end to Weimar democracy in the spring of 1933.Gender issues were also controversial as some women’s groups and the left-wing political parties attempted to create more equality between the sexes.Other women’s groups, conservative and radical right-wing political parties, and many members of the clergy resisted these changes.


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