Hinduism And Buddhism Thesis

Moreover, some of them are not common to all Hindu thinkers.

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Hence, historians of Indian philosophy typically understand the term “Hindu philosophy” as standing for the collection of philosophical views that share a textual connection to certain core Hindu religious texts (the Vedas), and they do not identify “Hindu philosophy” with a particular comprehensive philosophical doctrine.

Hindu philosophy, thus understood, not only includes the philosophical doctrines present in Hindu texts of primary and secondary religious importance, but also the systematic philosophies of the Hindu schools: Nyāya, Vaiśeṣika, Sāṅkhya, Yoga, Pūrvamīmāṃsā and Vedānta.

Karma is not a sufficient criterion of Hinduism, and it likely is not a necessary condition either.

Polytheism, or the worship of many deities, is often identified as a distinctive feature of Hinduism.

He reaches back to texts, which today can only be reckoned ancient, brilliantly characterizing their fundamental precepts and attitude to inner and outer worlds.

Weber lacked the knowledge to interrelate religions to social, political and economic currents according to today’s much richer scholarly sources.

If it were the case that a belief in karma is common to all Hindu philosophies, and only Hindu philosophies, then we would have a clear doctrinal criterion for identifying Hinduism.

This approach is unsuccessful because a belief in karma is common to many of India’s religious traditions—including Buddhism and Jainism.

The history of Hindu philosophy can be divided roughly into three, largely overlapping stages: Hindu philosophy is difficult to narrow down to a definite doctrine because Hinduism itself, as a religion, resists identification with any well worked out doctrine.

This may not be so surprising when we consider that the term “Hinduism” itself is not in traditional, pre-colonial Hindu literature.


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