History Of Bowling Essay

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Some small tags at the photog’s website, on the other hand, reveal the words “Gary” and “Indiana”.

Not all abandoned bowling alleys are dim and desolate – a few aren’t dim at all, thanks to fortuitous lighting conditions and a little help from a strobelight-wielding photographer. Once the source of much mirth and merriment on a now-shuttered military base, this cozy little alley closed around 1989.

Berlin’s former Bömisches Brauhaus illustrates just how far an abandonment can fall before it’s completely unrecognizable.

The 19th century brewery underwent conversion into a sports center that included facilities for basketball, football, and ten-pin bowling.

An abandoned bowling alley in the San Francisco area comes alive through some awesome lighting effects in these images taken in 20.

The exact location of this Big Lebowski-esque bowling alley is unknown, as photographer Lost America was sworn to secrecy lest vagrants and vandals disrupt the place’s unique, “frozen in time” vibe.

Looks like this abandoned “Bo l g All y” could use a stint in rehab – conveniently, it’s located on the grounds of a rehab center.

No telling if the center itself has been abandoned or just the bowling alley.

Keith Thorne has also featured the abandoned bowling alley at the Bömisches Brauhaus in his photos, but Thorne’s take on Berlin’s ruined “kegelbahn” is somewhat different than that of Dennis Gerbeckx.

As can be seen above, Thorne plays up the bright, contrasting colors of the garish graffiti and provides contrast between the flaking concrete infrastructure and the warmth of the remaining wooden bowling machinery.


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