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How can we address this global issue and create a healthy, just society for ourselves and for future generations?

Learn about climate science through research, discussion and field observations, then work with your peers to develop a sustainability action plan that will minimize our collective environmental impact.

So now you need to complete your work but seem to be stuck on some problems.

Here are some methods that you can use that will lead you to the correct answers. Your professor likely teaches out of your assigned textbook so it is also likely that your homework will also come out of said textbook.

These may be helpful and add to your knowledge base as well. You may seek to tutor both online or in-person with that your school (college/university/high school) offers.

Before heading to your tutoring session, be sure to have your questions ready so that you are being efficient and suing your time wisely. These homework resources may include the online tutors mentioned above as well as instructional videos, diagrams, and sometimes, answers with a step-by-step guide on how to arrive at the answer. You are relying on your peers to reach the correct answers. Someone in your study group likely understands a concept or two that you don’t understand and the same can be said for your ability to understand a different concept that someone in the group study does not understand. It is more than likely that the tutors you receive from the school are students who previously took the class and excelled in it.

College Quest is a higher education preparatory program for high school students that places an emphasis on academics and personal responsibility.

Immerse yourself in the college experience – from residence hall to classroom - through College Quest on Western’s campus located in Bellingham, WA.

During your stay, you will complete a real college course, earn 1 university credit, gain valuable college success information, and form extraordinary social connections that come with life in a residence hall.

Experience a community living environment with a roommate in a designated residence hall.


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