If I Could Go Back In Time Esssay

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Unfortunately, most people do not realize how precious time is until in later years of their lives.

Money lost can be recovered; trust broken can be amended; opportunity lost can be replaced by another opportunity. So, what makes time very precious that we have to make the best out of it? It does not stop for no one, rich or poor, famous or ordinary, Muslim or Christian, man or woman.

Ever heard the phrase that “time stands still for no man”? Each person is given 24 hours a day to either utilize it or waste it away.

Time waits for nobody, but it gives us equal duration to follow our dreams or waste them.

If that were the case, then many wealthy men would have traded their billions of dollars to enjoy more time on this lovely earth.

People actually say that “they are buying time” to mean that they are delaying the inevitable.

However, for some people, time depreciates in value.

This is especially true for people who have done crime and have to do time to atone for their crimes.

Firstly, you are in baby diapers, the next minute you are in adult diapers.

Some waste it away watching television and fantasizing about movie stars.


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