Iliad Essay Fate

Iliad Essay Fate-89
It seems then that heroism and death go hand in hand.

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The hero is commemorated in the ‘mnema’, that is the memorial to the deceased in the form of the construction of a tomb to hold the bones, and the raising of a ‘sema’, a sign to signify the continuing presence of the warrior in the world of the living.

The world of epic created by Homer is one concerned almost entirely with the actions of heroes and gods, the former being most particularly the central focus of the Iliad.

The gods are of a definite importance, but it is the heroes that really make the poem.

The idea of essentially playing war-like games also acts as a way of rejoicing over the deceased’s life and remembering them for their heroic actions.

In addition to this, respect was shown for the dead by their friends and relatives through their methods of grieving.


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