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But I am only a dissertation away from completing my Ph D and being finished with my poor decision, but I am having enormous difficulty finding motivation to write it. I can't find the energy to read any more boring articles I need to cite or find the energy to write a complete sentence.Every time I start I find an excuse to distract myself and I don't know how to find external motivation since I lack internal motivation.

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I should add, I have already written 3 chapters and am about half through the fourth.

I only need to finish the fourth, revise the 3 earlier and then write an intro and a conclusion.

I am not depressed, although disappointed at my decisions (or lack thereof).

I like the suggestion to talk about my work with an interested person but do not think that my work is interesting in anyway, and have no pretense that the work is contributing to make the world a better place.

For more information about how examiners make a judgement on a thesis, read this paper by Mullins and Kiley called "It's a Ph D, not a Nobel Prize".

There are three common types of thesis documents allowed in the ANU research award rules: a standard thesis of up to 100,000 words in length for a Ph D (or 60,000 words for an M.A great way to get your head around the expectations of a thesis is to read some!Check out the ANU Digital Thesis Library and find past successful theses in your discipline.Phil); a thesis by compilation (sometimes called a thesis by publication) and a thesis by creative works.A thesis by compilation may include works that are solo or joint authored and accepted for publication.It's good to know the regulations, processes and requirements around thesis submission and examination.Check out the information on finishing your degree for some inspiration!The Academic Skills and Learning Centre offer individual appointments to discuss thesis drafts and other issues such as managing your project.Their site also has a range of resources about writing a thesis to support you during your programme.In Australia the thesis is an extended written piece which reports on the results of a three to four year programme of research (in other countries the writing component is called a 'dissertation').The thesis should incorporate a summary of the research undertaken during the program.


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