Intellectual Property Business Plan

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Like copyright, trademark is automatic upon the first time you use such a mark in business, and mark it with a ™ symbol. Registering such a mark carries a presumption of validity in court and allows you to use the ® symbol after the mark.

However, for stronger protection in courts, it is highly recommended that trademarks be registered with the USPTO (U. In addition, after five years of constant use you can file for your mark to become incontestable, which adds strong additional protections.

1.3 Keys to Success • To invent multifunctional products • To create products which are attractive in appearance • To produce a product which can be utilized by every age group 2.0 Company Summary COMPANY NAME is an invention holding company that was established in September 2008, is located in CITY, and is co-owned and operated by INSERT NAME(s). The adult line gives a person the choice of a very basic model to a power model. 2.1 Company Ownership COMPANY NAME is organized as a sole proprietorship and is owned 51/49 by COMPANY NAME(s).

1.2 Mission The company's mission is to invent, create, patent and bring to market, innovative and unique products with quality and affordability in mind. This company plans to continue to invent other innovative and unique products in the dental industry and other industries.

3.0 Products and Services COMPANY NAME has invented a INSERT PRODUCT.

These funds came from the principals' savings and from family members.

There must be some expression of the idea, which is what is protected. That includes literary, musical, dramatic, graphical, sculpted, photographic, recorded, filmed, architectural, and website works, as well as the interface, form and function of software, and the specific code used to make the software work.

Copyright provides the owner with exclusive rights to use, display, copy, exhibit, modify, and otherwise present and distribute the work.

Certain phrases, logos, unique words, and graphic design elements can be trademarked.

Trademarks defend against confusion or dilution of the brand in the marketplace.


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