International Assignment Policy

International Assignment Policy-66
TRC’s partners have developed specialized assessment tools and an in-depth psychological evaluation procedure.Our partners will prepare a detailed summary of the results, advising your company of the candidate’s likelihood of success in an international assignment.

Cultural training can speed adjustment and assimilation, facilitate a more rewarding assignment and personal experience and reduce the risk of “culture shock” and a failed assignment.

Training is conducted by an experienced professional and is customized to each assignee’s needs and the host country’s culture.

TRC can assist international assignees in obtaining vehicles through our affiliation with International Auto Source. Furniture leasing can produce significant savings in household goods shipment and temporary housing costs, and can also speed the settling-in process.

This innovative program facilitates the purchase or lease of new vehicles for non-US citizens and returning U. TRC can arrange quality furniture leasing services in many locations worldwide.

First, there is an increased demand for skilled global leaders with international work experience.

Second, global mobility teams are managing more diverse international assignments.

Working with our noted visa and immigration partners, we will compile required documents from your company and the assignee, ensure that applications are processed, assist with appeals, ensure all deadlines are met and track renewal milestones during the assignment.

TRC offers specialized banking services for assignees moving to the US and Americans moving abroad.

By structuring compensation packages properly, companies can significantly reduce assignment costs and minimize tax burdens.

Our service partners are global leaders in expatriate tax consultation and preparation.


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