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Scientists believe these are mostly caused by man’s activities including the burning of fossil fuels thus, “releasing carbon dioxide, COgas it is “also released in landfills and agriculture (especially from the digestive systems of grazing animals), nitrous oxide from fertilizers, gases used for refrigeration and industrial processes, and the loss of forests that would otherwise store CO” Carbon dioxide is the highest cause of global warming among other greenhouse gases which also include: methane, nitrous oxide, and some other artificial gases.

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As this phenomenon undermines food and water security, environmental sustainability and a disruption in the delicate balance of the ecosystem, climate change becomes inevitable coming with its dire consequences.

According to World Bank sources, the Millennium Development Goals MDGs and its prospects are also threatened by global climate changes.

The world is already experiencing the effects of this warming with rising sea levels when the surface temperature warms up, melting ice from the glaciers, severe heat waves, and dangerous storms.

Even drought, desertification and perceived extinction of animal life, goes a long way to show that global warming is not just a hoax.

The United Nations has been spearheading moves to tackling the menace of climate change.

The Copenhagen Conference on climate change further raised the awareness to a high level and the desire to tackle the menace and produced what is now known as the “Copenhagen Accord.” While the agreements were lauded by many as a significant success, many others doubted the practical application.We can fight global warming by reducing emissions from deforestation.Because nuclear power results in few global warming emissions, an increased share of nuclear power in the energy mix could help reduce global warming—but nuclear technology poses serious threats to our security.The resulting changes in weather “such as shifts in the intensity and pattern of rainfall and variations in temperature” would probably decrease agricultural/food output as a result of the death of the infrastructure; hence environmental disasters, like drought or flood, would displace people’s means of livelihood leading to poverty, migration and diseases. Global warming is indeed a major challenge for the world today.Although the figures may vary between regions, most people all over the world, however, agree that it is a serious problem requiring urgent attention.We cause Global warming by burning fusel fuel and cutting trees and deforesting .Defrosting is when people cut trees to make things and when we cut trees we cut our source of carbon dioxide which makes fresh air for us as humans and animals and plants.Scientist today think that humans cause global and warming and some do not believe in this theory.Solution Managing forests and agriculture: Taken together, tropical deforestation and emissions from agriculture represent nearly 30 percent of the world's heat-trapping emissions.While the majority of the world leaders agree to the fact that global warming is indeed a global challenge.They are, however, divided on the method of tackling this menace or “which country is trusted to do the right thing on this issue” (Pew Research Center, 2009).


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