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The game is best played in groups of four players and as a pass-and-play for teams.

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Each player has a specific role that they must fill in order to succeed, that can be anything from an engineer building satellites so the CDC can communicate to a scientist collecting data and samples to test for a cure.

The premise for the game is the perfect setup to teach risk management and foster teamwork.

But, some games can come off as boring, ineffective or plain childish.

At Toggl, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite team-building activities that are both exciting and insightful. It sounds like a simple task, but it is deceptively challenging.

For example, if you have 20 people, you can break up this larger group into 5 smaller groups. Ask every team member to share something they love that is personal and important to them with the rest of the team. of that group to take on the stereotype of a hiker for the rest of the meeting. Demarcate an area in your conference room or on the lawn (if doing outdoors) as a river.

Maybe throughout the meeting, those members will use terms like, “natural,” “peaceful,” or “rad,” to identify with the stereotype. The team member with the picture/object must instruct their teammate to draw what’s in their hands without saying what it is. This could be done by placing two long carpets head to head or putting paper sheets or rope to mark the beginning and end of the river.

It can get people thinking about how to formulate strategies and use logic to reach long-term goals.

These activities may give you the inspiration and motivation to build stronger and more successful company teams.

The article attempts to capture and present top 50 team-building games that would help to infuse fun and creativity in your efforts to build organizational dream team/s.

With the time we spend with our co-workers, the benefits of investing time and money in teambuilding cannot be overemphasized.


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