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Communication is the process of exchange and flow of information from one person to another.Effective communication is a two way communication, in which the receiver gets the exact information that the sender transmitted.

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After that I did an organisational setting in which I discussing the leadership style of Steve jobs in Apple.

Then I am going to discuss my strengths and weaknesses on the basis of my peer feedback. Leadership have different definitions given by different authors and practitioners, but generally it is relationship in which the behaviour or actions of people are influenced by one person.

Directive leadership, Supportive leadership, Participative leadership and Achievement-oriented leadership.

efficiently and effectively motivate its team by using chain of command to get the job done.

of leadership is related to the business environment that determines which leadership style is best for the different situation.

According to this theory there is no single style of leadership is appropriate for all situations.A leader is a person who influences other people to accomplish the desired goal, leader accept challenges takes risk to remove hurdles for his subordinates, he had a different styles for different situations. With the help of the feedback given by my group members I know what are my strengths and weaknesses, because of them I know what are the obstacles for me to be a good leader. Leadership versus Management Every company has leaders and managers, and sometimes they are the same person.After reading the case study I found that Steve jobs is a transformational leader because he always comes with a new idea and effectively motivates his subordinates to reach his plan or goal.He believes in change that’s why he always found an opportunity in consumers taste and want.I’ll take that comment as a gift and try to increase my level of confidence.Delegation is the capabilities or knowledge of the person and issuing them a task, it also includes three concepts i.e. Delegation enables a leader to develop the performance of the followers to reach the desired target by making the best use of time.According to In my group work my group mate and I discussed about the communication skills and the importance of communication in leadership.After that discussion we gave feedback to each other, in which I got average comment.Communication is the very essential factor of leader because without good communication skill leader can’t convey his suggestions and decisions to the followers or he can’t lead them.Communication is of two types verbal and nonverbal.


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