Lean Problem Solving Tools

day by day in our proffessional life we faces so many problems, but didn't recognize about the problem.

Because we are habituate to facing to problems, if we want to solve the problems, first we can feel YES am facing a problem then you have a chance to solve it...

Finally, because you are a true Lean organization who believes continuous improvement never stops, it is time to tackle the next problem.

Start the problem solving process over again and continue to work towards perfection.

It is also a good time to reflect on what you’ve learned and address any possible unresolved issues or troubles you have along the way.

Ignoring unresolved issues will only lead to more problems down the road.after that we should find is it REPEATATIVE problem or New problem, on the bases of the issue we can take further steps, how to break it.how to analyse, how to find countermeasure, how to check is it suitable or not, how to make standard.... It allows organizations to have a common understanding of what defines a problem and what steps are going to be taken in order to overcome the problem efficiently. The first being, anything that is a deviation from the standard.The second could be the gap between the actual condition and the desired condition. In order to best clarify the problem, you have to see the problem with your own eyes.Using a fundamental and strategic way to solve problems creates consistency within an organization. Step eight involves acting out the results of the new standard.When you base your results off facts, experience and common sense, the results form in a rational and sustainable way. To be successful, you can’t make an improvement once and forget about it.Once you’ve developed your countermeasures, you can begin to narrow them down to the most practical and effective based off your target.Now that you have developed your countermeasures and narrowed them down, it is time to see them through in a timely manner. You’ll want to seek ideas from the team and continue to work back through the PDCA cycle to ensure nothing is being missed along the way.Remember, as you breakdown your problem you still need to see the smaller, individual problems with your own eyes.This is also a good time to study and analyze the different inputs and outputs of the process so that you can effectively prioritize your efforts.


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