Levels Of Critical Thinking In Nursing

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When it comes to critical thinking, it’s a trait built over time and needs to be nurtured.

The preceptor-trainee relationship isn’t based on power, it should be based education and trust.

With using the five levels of initiation, you are developing and not merely telling a trainee what to do.

The patient admits that she has been seeking extra medication, and lab results confirm that the patient has too much medicine in her bloodstream and is once again in danger.

Now it's time for the nurse to take the fourth action: evaluation.

In this example, you will see how critical thinking helps the nurse interpret what is now happening for the patient, thus getting the patient necessary help.

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First, the nurse must recognize that there is a problem; this is to say that something appears to be problematic.It is an excellent article that breaks down five levels of initiation. With proper education and training, a four-month graduate nurse shouldn’t be waiting for instruction.This same concept can be applied to critical thinking. The goal is to nourish independent thinking and assist your trainee is building their critical thinking skills.Because once they are off training, they won’t have a crutch (you) and will spiral-down and become indecisive. This critical thinking strategy will assist you in this process.This lesson will explain how critical thinking is useful in the nursing profession.In this example, the nurse has identified that the patient is exhibiting problematic symptoms.She thinks she must investigate further to learn whether the patient is abusing drugs.In this case, the nurse might notice that a patient is behaving erratically, has dilated pupils, and is not speaking clearly.Recognizing these symptoms alerts the nurse that something out of the ordinary is happening.Until told otherwise, assume all nursing trainees need help in this department. As the weeks go by, the graduate nurse should use number one and number two less and less.I’m in the process of obtaining my business degree, and I read an article in the Harvard Business Review titled, Mangement Time: Who’s Got The Monkey? After a few months, the preceptor shouldn’t allow numbers one and two for problem-solving.


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