Louisiana Pur Powerpoint 5th Grade

Louisiana Pur Powerpoint 5th Grade-8
Lewis and Clark List of Power Points Early History of the United States Power Point List Let’s Journey across American with Lewis and Clark Lewis and Clark Expedition, 1804–1806 Lewis and Clark – Corps of Discovery Lewis and Clark – Who Are These Guys? Lewis and Clark Expedition – Experience the Exciting Adventure The Lewis and Clark Expedition – Learning about the Louisiana Purchase The Lewis and Clark Expedition – What Was It?

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Napoleon, who was by this time Emperor of France, refused.

He was involved in wars in Europe and had dreams of a western empire as well.

(4-6) GLEs ELA Narrative and Expository Non-Fiction, Poetry, Biography, Almanac, Exploring the Gulf Coast 1.

Identify word meanings using a variety of strategies, including: using context clues (e.g., definition, restatement, example, contrast), using structural analysis (e.g., base words, roots, affixes), determining word origins (etymology), using electronic and print dictionaries, thesauruses, glossaries (ELA-1-M1) 4.

as well to France, in hopes of convincing Napoleon to reconsider.

The French leader did more than that: He offered to sell all of the Louisiana Territory, more than 828,000 square miles!

Louisiana was owned by France, and New Orleans was a huge French settlement. Government wanted to protect American shipping and settlements.

Many Americans lived in and around New Orleans, and many American ships sailed back and forth on the river. sent Robert Livingston to France to buy New Orleans and the surrounding area.

Map of the Louisiana Purchase The Louisiana Purchase – 1803 Was a Very Good Year The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration The Louisiana Purchase map See Also: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark The Louisiana Purchase for Kids Free American History Games (wartgames) GAMES!

Name of Project: Louisiana - Then and Now Duration: April 23 - May 18 Subject/Content: American Revolution to the War of 1812 Grade Level: 5 Overall Driving Question: How has Louisiana changed over the last 200 years? Cluster Guiding Question: Louisiana Culture - How has the culture of Louisiana changed over the last 200 years?


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