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[tags: Beethoven, music, Napoleon, ] - The assumption held by many that Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant general and an exceptional leader is debatable when the Frenchman’s many mistakes are revealed.

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[tags: Napoleon Bonaparte, French Revolution,] - Napoleon Bonaparte was outstanding military leader and the first emperor of France.

He was born in Corsica a little island that belongs to the French.

[tags: Napoleon's Failures] - The French Emperor’s, Napoleon Bonaparte, motto during his rule was “La France avant tout” ; thus he intended for France to be the most powerful country, even stronger than Great Britain.

He believed that in order to realize his intentions he must maim the English commerce, a country he labeled “a nation of shopkeepers.” He believed that their wealth was fictitious, scattered and dependent on foreign trade; thus, the Continental System would cause the destruction of their economic stability and credibility, bringing on their collapse....

When the power of a nation falls in the hands of a single person ambition takes many spectacular and ugly forms.

It can be both the making and destruction of that person but regardless of the net effect, ambition will have deep socio-economic, political, and cultural roots.

Three dictators were taken by ambition and it pushed them into a costly, long, battle to obtain and maintain power.

Those leaders are Macbeth, Idi Amin, and, Napoleon Bonaparte....

Through his catastrophic blunders, Napoleon brought about his own downfall.

These mistakes included ostracizing France from the rest of Europe through his foreign policies, war mistakes, and oversights that occurred in his final years in power.


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