New Moon Book Report For School

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When she opens the gifts, Bella gets a paper cut, and Jasper loses control, and tries to attack her, but Edward comes into action.

Later on, Edward tells Bella in the forest that they are leaving Forks because Edward realizes that his family could be a danger to Bella.

She did--and found that it led straight into Fairyland--along the bank of a wide, lovely brook--a wild, dear, little path with lady-ferns beckoning and blowing along it, the shyest of elfin June-bells under the firs, and little whims of loveliness at every curve.

She breathed in the tang of fir-balsam and saw the shimmer of gossamers high up in the boughs, and everywhere the frolic of elfin lights and shadows.

She cannot live without writing and I think Emily's feelings will really resonate with anyone who grew up having a gift or artistic pursuit that meant everything to them.

Casting Call: Ilse is supposed to be beautiful and wild and I couldn't help but think of Chloe.And I cannot wait to join Emily for two more books and join her and her friends on even more adventures.New Moon General Information; Title: New Moon Author: Stephenie Meyer Publisher: Atom Number of pages: 563 pages About the author; Stephenie Meyer was born in Connecticut in 1973. Stephenie met her husband when she was four already, but they weren’t very close. A few years later, they talked for the first time, and nine months after that, they got married.Stephenie said that she would be writing the last Twilight Saga book, for all of the fans, called Midnight Sun, but she trusted some people with already a sample, and someone misused it, and it got leaked.Stephenie will probably go on with writing it in the year 2011.I also want to hand out BFF charms to plenty of other residents of Blair Water -- Ilse Burnley, Teddy Kent, PERRY FREAKING MILLER, Cousin Jimmy, even Mr. Swoonworthy Scale: 3 and -1,000 Emily is much too young for there to be any swoon going on, but that doesn't mean I can't do some pre-swooning for her! Montgomery is certainly well known for her flowery prose and detailed descriptions.Since I am new to this series, I cannot I understand this is a product of its time, but whatever, I don't care, gross, bah! Depending on my mood, sometimes they can be a bit much.So when her father dies of consumption, she becomes an orphan and has no other option than living with her dead mother's estranged family -- the Murrays of Blair Water, PEI.The Murrays are well known for their pride and never forgave Emily's mother for running off with Emily's father.Here and there the young maple branches interlaced as if to make a screen for dryad faces--Emily knew all about dryads, thanks to her father--and the great sheets of moss under the trees were meet for Titania's couch."This is one of the places where dreams grow," said Emily happily. Every time she read her little hoard of manuscripts over she found some of which the fairy gold had unaccountably turned to withered leaves, fit only for the burning. Outgrowing things we love is never a pleasant process.


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