October Sky Essay

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Not only Homer benefited from teamwork, but also Coalwood----the town benefited from the cooperation between every member of the coalmine, which gave them incomes and relationship of individuals.

Also, Homer’s father played a very important part in the mine.

all(prenominal) they were focused on was finishing high school to break down some education and then work for the government much(prenominal) as burn mining.

Their standards for education then and the standards of education now are wholly different.

construct the garden rocket required math because the measurements of the objects had to be little and accurate for th e rocket to have a good swipe off. measurements were off by just a little increment, the rocket could be a disaster and would be a failure.

essay draft 2 Shuyao He Extension ID#920665 UCI ID#24934597 AE 20C Professor Perlman The Benefits Of Teamwork Having a complicated mission might be hard for one person.

To most of the situations, teamwork is an extremely efficient way.

While individuals gather all their ideas and strength towards one aim, it creates a highly-efficient atmosphere for those who face a difficult situation.

Among all these four rocket boys, none of them ended up in working as a coal miner, all of them became success after the science fair.

Teamwork not only enabled them to work together, butt also gave them experiences and technology which helped them succeeded.


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