Online Tutoring Essays any student at the University and students in any discipline can come for tutoring.For example, I might first see a freshman requesting assistance on a short essay for a History course, and my next client might be a graduate student working on a thesis in Philosophy or Economics.

...these insights and excitement for the subject while deepening conceptual understandings. My dad is a lawyer, and has taught me the value of strong argumentation skills.

The greatest metric of success in a tutoring session is being told that I was able to break down explanations from the student's class and reformulate them into a version that is compatible with their way of thinking. I have published everything from short stories to journalistic articles, in my college paper or at The New York Times.

..tutoring by connecting with a wide variety of people, improvising new ways to communicate the material, and engaging interest in the subject matter.

Friendly, dependable, and approachable, I am always willing to go the extra mile with my students-students of all ages and abilities.

In addition to effective writing, I believe that developing individualized study skills, learning how to manage time and material, and maintaining an organized system of study... I enjoy political science, essay writing and public speaking the most.

While working on my doctorate I taught students on the college level, and my philosophy for working with those students informs the way I tutor.I think academic success depends not only on practice, but, most importantly, on finding.....this is a good thing and how they can be beneficial...thesis in order to receive my Master of Arts in English Literature from San Francisco State University.I have over five years of tutoring experience, and I truly enjoy working one-on-one in order to really focus on students' needs. High School Program and other Columbia programs, helping students of all abilities with all genres of creative writing, and with reading comprehension.I also have edited and proofread research papers and essays for professors and fellow students, not to mention every member of my extended family. No matter what subject a student is interested in, the ability to write with clarity and logic is absolutely central to success.In addition to English writing and Spanish, I also teach Economics, Geography, and History. Each student also learns differently, and with the right teacher a student can learn in a manner that addresses individual needs.I believe that good writing skills are the foundation for success in any discipline.My teaching style could best be described as one where... When tutoring, it is my goal to help my clients develop the abilities they need to succeed in writing and literature courses.When I'm not tutoring, teaching, or writing, you'll likely find me outdoors hiking around San Diego, practicing yoga in Carlsbad,... I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of Crit, the Journal of the American Institute of Architecture Students, a national peer-reviewed publication in which high school, college, and graduate students publish their written and design work.I also work as a college essay editor for an educational consultant based in Philadelphia.


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