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Running into a math problem that mixes different operations such as multiplication, addition and exponents can be puzzling if you don’t understand PEMDAS.The simple acronym runs through the order of operations in math, and you should remember it if you need to complete calculations on a regular basis.The Order of Operations is very important when simplifying expressions and equations.

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He or she would add two and five to get seven, then multiply seven by x to get a final answer of 7x.

Another person might decide to make the problem a little easier by multiplying first.

First simplify multiplication and division in the order they appear.

There is no division, all we need to do is distribute 8 into (x 1).

You will see what the calculator thinks you entered (which may be a little different to what you typed), and then a step-by-step solution.

Note: there can be more than one way to find a solution.

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Creating and Solving inequalities If x represents a number then right an expression for a number that is 3 more than one third the value of x.

Now, start using the Order of Operations to simplify the polynomial inside of the second set of parentheses.

There are no exponents on the inside so you can skip to simplifying multiplication and division in the order the appear.


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