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When the gospel was first brought to the Africans, the Europeans unfortunately brought their culture intertwined in the gospel.The result has been far reaching; some preachers in Africa still feel the need to wear suits to preach because of the European hijacking of traditional African culture.

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We’ve all been guilty of taking one too many selfie, but what’s so wrong with wanting to remember the good things that happen?

Our memories are reconstructive, so isn’t it better to look back through all the happy photos of your time then try and think about all the bad things?

I think it’s incredible how far we have come in technological advancements and I’m all for people making the best use of them.

Cell phones are something that have gone from being a commodity to a necessity.

Through teaching students, he records in amazing detail the incredible breakthroughs he and his students discovered over a lifetime of research into how God is working in every tribe and nation on earth.

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Reflection One way that Noll supports his own thesis is his reflection on traditional hymns.It basically states that when we look back, we usually look at the past through rose colored glasses.We paint the past to be a whole lot more favorable than it really was.I pondered for a long time about what I should write my paradigm shift essay on.At first I LITERALLY couldn’t think of any possible topics.This shift is a clear indication of the slow but steady shift from there being a clear distinction between slang and officially recognized language.I mean they changed the definition of the word, so it’s a pretty crucial shift.Language is our primary base of communication, so it’s hardly surprising to that as we change so does language.I remember in middle school how the people who used the word “literally” for anything other than its actual meaning were wholly outnumbered by the people who used “literally”, well, literally.Personally I think people are often too critical of advancement in technology.They dread every little change that is made because it takes away form the “good old days”.


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