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Before I go to bed, I pray over their four sleeping bodies and ask their angels to watch over them.

They had guardian angel medals hanging in their nurseries as babies and I have one pinned to the sun visor in my minivan to protect us as we go. That’s something our family could do a little more learning about.

We are big fans of our guardian angels in my house.

My kids ask their angels for help when they are faced with a big test at school or if they wake up in the night from a bad dream.

He was a 13th century Dominican teacher, professor, and founder of schools who was declared a doctor of the Church by Pope Pius V.

He taught in France and in Italy and wrote several prayers for students. Saint Catherine of Alexandria lived in the 3rd and 4th centuries and, when she was a teenager, came before Emperor Maxentius who was persecuting Christians.Because of her great intellect, she was faced not with physical hardships but with fifty orators and philosophers to debate her.Inspired by the Holy Spirit, she spoke so eloquently that she won her debate and even converted several pagans.To whom should we turn for help with our school-related issues this year and in the future?Grab your index cards and highlighters, sisters, and feel free to take notes. Saint John Baptist de la Salle was a Frenchman from the 17th century who was a pioneer in teacher training.He renounced his life of wealth and privilege, made a vow of chastity at age 9, and eventually became a Jesuit.He was studious and counselled many of his friends.He died during an outbreak of the plague after caring for the sick. Saint Maria Goretti was an Italian peasant who died in 1902 at the age of 12 after being brutally attacked and raped.She may not have had a good education, but she had an abundance of faith.Saint Joseph Cupertino was a 17th century man who struggled academically and finally passed his exams to became a priest at the age of 25 after failing multiple times.(He was also known to levitate, which most kids think is pretty cool).


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