Persuasive Essay About Affirmative Action

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Accordingly, women, people with disabilities as well as people who are older face a variety of impediments to their full participation in the labor force in this country.The following will explore job discrimination with an eye to how this form of discrimination affects certain groups.......This proves that affirmative action can have very positive results.

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Job discrimination means that certain groups of individuals face barriers, both hidden and overt, to their active participation and inclusion in an employment setting.

Insidious yet pervasive, job discrimination affects all types of people but is particularly harmful to certain group of individuals.

The affirmative action is implemented with an intention to eradicate discrimination on the basis of such factors as origin, race, ethnicity, sex and color against the candidates applying for a position.

The United States Department of Labor has implemented the affirmative action in a number of ways that include but are not limited to targeted recruitment, employee support programs, outreach campaigns, and management development.

The action entails eliminating discrimination both at home and at school.

Evidently, affirmative action is still needed in 2012 and in the future in order to ensure.....the team was found regardless of the level of diversity.Public policies with inherent contradictions can be seen as a negative impact towards employment facet leading to disparate impact, color-blind and narrowly tailored actions. “Racial diversity in the officer recruitment sustains and maintains the effectiveness and efficiency of the U. In addition, diversity promotes group work or teamwork significant in the officer corp.Prominent military assert that the decisions dismissing affirmative action would hinder minority recruitment programs of officers in the U. therefore, it is significant for students either minority or white to study about cultures of other people”. In this manner, AA provides an active catalyst to accelerate the social transformation to true equality.The affirmative action calls for equality in that every person should be given equal opportunity based on his or her qualification. S, an aspect of public policy has triggered employment industries to look in depth on the facet of discrimination, which has led to abuse of civil liberties of Americans.Various laws and policies have been laid down to ensure that there is equal employment opportunity and affirmative actions are dealt with.Affirmative actions It is rational and reasonable that like other government s, the central intelligence agency perceives affirmative action as a social goal since includes everybody in the operation of daily activities.In line with affirmative action in relation employment within the U.It didn’t matter if an African American was literate or most fit for the job, it didn’t matter if an Asian or a colored man or a woman had more education or talent than a white man, race and color were strong considerations in job descriptions.Now many successful organizations are realizing the worth of affirmative action policies and the positive effect that they have on the organizational culture and the output. Affirmative Action as an Imperfect Social Program As a social program that attempts to help those in society that have been unfairly discriminated against, affirmative action has a long, controversial history.There were no positive outcomes when individuals identify with the team and with their cultural background.With respect to personality, the intercultural traits of Emotional Stability and Flexibility were found to have a positive effect on work outcomes under conditions of high diversity.


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