Poverty Case Study In The Philippines

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In addition, since acedia is opposed to charity, a person under the former‘s influence will not develop the conviction to uphold what is right from what is wrong in terms of spiritual righteousness, neither could he be capable to utterly love another person, for his mind is already dirty with thoughts that challenge love, empathy and virtue. Thomas Aquinas, stressed the point of how this vice could ultimately tarnish a person‘s spirit and virtue in many of his works regarding this spiritual vice.

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Table 1: Top Five (5) population below the poverty line (as of 2009).

Here emphasized that from all the seven spiritual vices known to man, acedia stands out as the more obscure, at least in the contemporary audience.

This holds true since it conditions other vices due to its filth and as what Pope Gregory once stated, it is a kind of sorrow a sorrow that that sprouts resentment, listlessness, sullenness and apathy.

In mere layman‘s language, laziness could, up to a certain extent, be synonymous to acedia since a person who manifest this characteristic exhibits inertia or stagnation, matched with the lack of motivation and drive to succeed in life.

However, the implications go beyond the aforementioned, as acedia is also of spiritual stagnation, and relatively, could also qualify as eventual degradation if left unchecked.


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