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Be sure to demonstrate this with the kids before they start so they understand what you want them to do, and how they will all write on the same letters.For this game, half of the paper says “Letters in my name” and the other half says “Letters not in my name”.Rainbow Salt Writing Tray 🌈 ages 3-6 🌈 Who doesn’t love rainbows?!?!

Some examples my prekinders have done are: Do you like pizza?

Be careful to use the correct case when you practice, so your teacher doesn't mark it wrong on your test.

Check out some of our favorite activities like: Alphabet Lids, Calm Down Sensory Bottle and the Paper Towel Roll & Pom Pom Challenge.

Children love Write the Room games because they love to wander around the room, move, and get active.

Attach these all around the room to the walls and on furniture.

Loops of masking tape on the back worked great, and with the wide masking tape, two pieces on the back were enough.

He loves sensory writing trays so I decided to make a rainbow colored one.

Once setup is complete, give the child a paintbrush and ask them to write the words one at a time on the index cards.

In my class, this was an independent small group activity (we have 2 groups with a teacher and 2 groups working independently).

To prepare Rainbow Write the Room, print letter outlines (printable below) onto card stock paper.


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