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View Now The growth of No SQL data storage solutions have revolutionized the way enterprises are dealing with their data.The older, relational platforms are still being utilized by most organizations, while the implementation of varying No SQL platforms including Key-Value, Wide Column, Document, Graph, and Hybrid data stores are increasing at faster rates than ever seen before.View Now that included a range of different question types and topics on the current state of Data Architecture.

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Such implementations are causing enterprises to revise their Data Management procedures across-the-board from governance to analytics, metadata management to software development, data modeling to regulation and compliance.

View Now Ask any CEO if they want to better leverage their data assets to drive growth, revenues, and productivity, their answer will most likely be “yes, of course.” Ask many of them what that means or how they will do it and their answers will be as disparate as most enterprise’s data strategies.

ACID and No SQL are not the antagonists they were once thought to be; No SQL works well under a BASE model, but also some of the innovative No SQL systems fully conform to ACID requirements.

View Now This report investigates the level of Information Architecture (IA) implementation and usage at the enterprise level.

At the same time, the complexities of the data landscape are making it more difficult to find, govern, connect to and access the data needed to deliver that value.

View Now Database deployment projects are inevitably time constrained.

Then you will want to learn about the synergistic relationship between Data Governance, Knowledge Graphs, and enterprise applications of AI and Machine Learning (ML).

View Now While everyone is talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), how are organizations actually using this technology to derive business value?

View Now The amount of data that companies store and process has skyrocketed over the past few years.

Data is becoming more and more complicated and dynamic, and handling it properly and efficiently can sometimes seem impossible. View Now The foundation of this report is a survey conducted by DATAVERSITY® that included a range of different question types and topics on the current state of Data Governance and Data Stewardship.


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