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Interviews, polls, surveys all are effective tools to gather opinions, but primary sources such as books, statistics, journals, laws, and interviews are still the fundamental body of the text. But it is important to point out where you discovered every statistics.

As for the number of useful references, three is not enough.

From time to time, the student is allowed to pick the topic on his own when the idea is not suggested by the tutor. On the whole, a research paper may be given as the part of any class: Usually, research papers are required for scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, and astronomy. If you are accomplishing this type of assignment for the biology class, a claim has to be based on the meaningful issue of evolution, medical treatment, or scientific innovations.

However, a student may face this kind of assignment at the end of his literature or art class. The goal of the author is to find enough data to support or reject this claim. Many teachers/professors wonder if their teaching methods are effective and whether the grades of their students reflect their real skills and gained experience.

A research paper has to be written in a mixed style made of persuasive and descriptive elements.

So, each page and every paragraph have to explain the main idea as well as provide persuasive evidence to prove the author’s point of view to the target audience.Don’t forget about extra parts such as Bibliography or Appendix.Except for the research paper formats, students should be aware of the existing writings styles.Every book or site must be recalled in the proper way.As we know, it is better to add a little bit more than provide a minimum of information.It will help you to find out whether the subject is relevant and interesting for the potential reader.Pretend you are writing for a huge audience, not just for your instructor.Another effective way is to buy a custom research paper from online experts.Here are some examples in MLA and APA respectively: Gordon, Mary.As for the format, each page should be formatted with respect to the popular academic style such as: There are things that remain unchanged.Except for double-spaced page, the margins should be 1” at the top, bottom, left and right sides of each page.


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